PickMyLaundry: The Doorstep Laundry Service

We are: PickMyLaundry
Accelerated at: GHV Accelerator
While working with corporates at tier-II cities, we faced this problem of getting laundry done in time. Upon studying the options in metropolitan cities of India, we realised that this is a great untapped business opportunity. Hence, we 3 founders decided to leave our jobs and started up in Delhi, as a lot of supply was readily available.
Founders: My name is Gaurav Agarwal. I am Co-founder & CEO of PickMyLaundry. I have a Bachelor’s in Metallurgical Engineering from IIT-BHU. Before starting up I worked with Tata Steel for 3 years. My co-founders are:
Samar Sisodia: He is Co-founder and VP-Marketing at PickMyLaundry. He has previously worked at Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. for almost 4 years different roles. He is a fellow alumnus of IIT-BHU.
Ankur Jain: He is Co-founder and COO at PickMyLaundry. Ankur has also worked at Tata Steel for almost 4 years. He completed his B.Tech from IIT-Bombay in Metallurgical Engineering.

L-R: Gaurav Agrawal, Samar Sisodia & Ankur Jain
Our Product & USP: PickMyLaundry offers the following services: Wash & Fold, Wash & Iron, Premium Laundry, Dry Clean, Shoe & Backpack Cleaning etc.
Customers basically don’t care whether we process laundry in our own unit or send it to laundromats. They get their garments washed in hygienic conditions and 85% of the times within the delivery schedule mentioned. Customers place order via PML’s mobile app – our riders collect them from the customer’s doorstep, and bring it to our hubs. Then the clothes are tagged, and sent to washing units and brought back in the stipulated time. And then delivered to customer and payment is made online as well as by cash.

We tied up with Laundromats who were highly willing as they get clothes in bulk and a lot of their under-utilised capacity is now giving them decent revenues.
Our service has couple of USPs – Quick Turnaround and Confirmed Delivery Slot, Quality Checked Washing Process are our key USPs.
Our Competition: Almost every reason that does not allow a person to use our laundry service is a competition. We differentiate from everything else by our hassle-free, quick, cost effective manner of getting the laundry done.
Challenges faced: Issues such as hiring of riders, determination of true price point, complaints from customers about their low satisfaction level sometimes. We overcome each of them by analysing and using real time data and experimenting in the processes developed to arrive at a best solution.

Advantages of being part of an accelerator/incubator: The experience has been phenomenal. The enrollment in the program has helped us sail through the first year of our startup and now that we have completed the program, we have learned to be frugal and lean as long as required.
We have mentors from the accelerator, from my alma mater, from various CXOs I am in touch with. Mentoring is a very very important part of entrepreneurship, I believe.
Vision: Long term vision is to enable every person to use the laundry service of PickMyLaundry by solving the pain point of every customer group possible

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