Rural India Set To Be Home To Most Indian Internet Users By 2020

If you thought the highest number of Indian internet users belonged in the cities, think again. ET Telecom reports that by 2020, it will be rural India – not urban – that will house most of the country’s internet users, the majority being mobile-first. The country’s internet users will increase to 730 million by then (up from 330 million fixed and mobile subscriptions in December 2015), and from this, 75-80% of internet user growth will come from rural areas.
Moreover, 75% of new internet users will consume data in local languages, and last-mile connectivity will also be enabled by the government, telcos and technology providers. Further, a 1.7x growth is expected in the financial technology market between 2015 and 2020, with 60% of the adult population using one or more forms of financial services. Finally, fashion and lifestyle will be the largest e-tailing category, with a 35% contribution to e-commerce GMV.

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