On-Demand Auto Repair: 5 Apps To Get Your Car Up & Running After A Breakdown

It is that season in India when the roads aren’t in the best shape. With flooding in countless areas of our cities during torrential downpours, and even more potholes – it isn’t a wonder that a lot of people face the trouble of their cars getting damaged, stranded, and the like. But technology has its answers even in moments like these. While there are a slew of platforms available on your computer, that isn’t the best option if you don’t have access to your PC or desktop. But, fret not. If your car needs repairs, needs to be towed, needs a wash and polish, or just servicing, there’s an app for that! So, here’s a look at 5 brilliant mobile apps in India, that will get you auto repair facilities right at your fingertips.

PitStop: Named appropriately, this smartphone app is your ideal ‘pitstop’ when on the road. According to the company’s website, PitStop, which tackles nearly all your car related problems, “paves a way towards a realm of hassle free car servicing.” Facilitating bill payments for servicing, free pick-ups and drops, and roadside assistance, this app promises to do it all, while also providing real time tracking. With PitStop, car owners can book, track and pay for their car servicing, maintenance, repair, denting, and painting, at any authorised service centre in Mumbai, as described on iTunes. The app covers nearly every aspect of car repair and maintenance, including flat tyres, towing, and refuelling, among others.

ZONNETT: Touted as “a network of TRUSTED and VERIFIED service providers to take care of all your car related needs at the most reasonable pricing,” ZONNETT works on the simple principle of Click – Compare – Confirm, according to Google Play. All you need to do is click the service you need – like a car wash or battery replacement, fill in your details, send images of your car so as to get the best quotation, pick your preferred location, and voilà, you’re good to go! The beauty of ZONNETT is that it provides multiple quotes for its services, and all of this via your smartphone. Pretty nifty, right?

Cartisan: There are a number of apps that provide auto repair services. But, one app that really stands out is Cartisan. Claiming to be “the first app in India that helps car owners find the nearest, best value and quality car service providers and easily make bookings,” Cartisan is indeed an invaluable tool for car-owners in India. According to Google Play, Cartisan is functional in Bangalore, Gurgaon and Mumbai, and offers a number of car maintenance services, along with price quotations. In fact, with this app, all you need to do is take an image of your car’s situation, and Cartisan’s staff will “do the rest.” What’s more is that the app even lets you pay for its services on the portal itself, either through Paytm or a debit/credit card.

MeriCAR: The monsoon leaves a lot of us stranded in various ways and places. But, if you’re out there looking for a place to get a quick fix for your wheels, look no further than MeriCAR. This innovative start-up offers you “a state-of-the-art mobile app that offers a comprehensive suite of web-based assistance tools with car servicing and repairs,” as reported by By The Start-Ups. MeriCAR works a little differently from the other apps on this list – it helps you find the nearest car repair shops, car mechanics and garages in India, while also providing roadside assistance to car owners 24×7, according to the firm’s website. With MeriCAR, you can easily locate a repair shop or mechanic within a 20km distance, via GPS.

StrandD: Welcome to “India’s largest on-demand roadside assistance service.” StrandD works on an easy peasy principle: “Stranded? We’re here to help.” According to the company’s website, this sweet app wants to help you with everything from what to do after an accident, to unlocking your car when you’ve misplaced the keys. Boasting ‘Roadside Assistance, Reinvented,’ StrandD works 24×7, across India, and on a pay-per-use basis. Providing immediate assistance in a whopping 1500 cities and towns in India, StrandD doesn’t require to start a membership, and is also free! If that’s not enough, the app also facilitates easier payments via its netbanking option. Who knew being ‘StrandD’ could be so much fun!
There they are. They aren’t the only ones doing what they do, but they do them well. In our busy Indian cities, especially during the rains, apps like these are more than a blessing. So, the next time your car has a breakdown, you know just what to do to put a smile on its face and on yours!