5 Fresh Apps To Help You Communicate Better At Work

Annie’s working an intense job that barely leaves her with time to hang out with friends. She’s new to the office, so she hardly spends time with colleagues. What was worse was the fact that she could never make it on time for meetings, work events or other team activities. But we say ‘was’! Because now, Annie’s found 5 new tools to help and her colleagues. While she still works tirelessly and rarely meets friends, her relationship with colleagues has grown tremendously. She gets along famously with everyone, including the boss-lady, and she’s always on time for meetings and the like. Everyone at work now seems more relaxed, and things aren’t so frenzied anymore. The reason – these 5 cool work apps that Annie bravely introduced to her office folks:

Avaamo: This business app isn’t just equipped with the usual features of group and one-on-one messaging, but also comes with an off the record privacy mode and ephemeral messaging. As described on Google Play, Avaamo also has an adjustable timer that lets your messages self-destruct, and for your safety and privacy – end-to-end encryption and enterprise class privacy. LiveMint reports that Avaamo also has a Granular Visibility feature, which provides details about who has read or responded to a particular message and when, and integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, iCloud and OneDrive cloud-storage services, which enable one-click sharing of documents. The icing on the Avaamo cake – rich broadcast messaging with tracking!

Voxer: A mega app that combines text, voice, photo and video sharing, Voxer wants to keep you and your colleagues connected on any cellular or Wi-Fi network globally. Now available for smartwatches as well, the app boasts military-grade security and encryption, along with walkie talkie-like functionality, as described on Voxer. What’s more is that the app lets you listen to messages both live and at any later time, at your convenience. That’s not it. Voxer also wants to make sure you get your messages just as they’re sent, for which purpose, the app even lets you turn on loud, repetitive alerts for messages when things get noisy at the office.

Trello: A combination of a super-advanced version of a to-do list and a work chat app, Trello is exactly what you need to manage all your work-tivities in one place. According to Google Play, the app lets you create boards to organise your goals, wherein you can also invite colleagues to collaborate. As reported on Gear Patrol, Trello enables “distributed teams to share ideas, move items from ‘In Progress’ to ‘Completed,’ and generally keep tabs of where everything stands in their business.” If that’s not enough, the app also lets you assign tasks to yourself and co-workers, comment on items with your friends, and even reply to comments and create cards from Android Wear.

U&Me Plus: Promising enterprise mobile communication anytime, anywhere, U&Me Plus is a combination of a chat app, social network and team collaboration app, that’s available even in a web version. TruTower reports that the app doesn’t just come packed with your regular group and broadcast messaging and file sharing features, but also allows you create events for an upcoming meeting or conference, where you can invite other employees. Apart from that unique spec, U&Me Plus also includes third-party integrations to various apps, geolocation tracking, and an analytics function. However, one of its coolest features has to be its Survey tool, which lets you create and send surveys to co-workers.

MeetingMogul: Hailed by Yahoo tech founder David Pogue as “a Godsend,” this app aims to make it easier for you to “create, join and manage conference calls.” As reported by Gear Patrol, MeetingMogul has the unique ability to convert any calendar invite into a one-tap dialling process. The app basically lets you dial into any meeting with a single tap, and keeps you updated and organised with an automatically synced list of your upcoming calls and meetings, as described on meetingmogulapp.com. A true mogul, the platform also allows for instant note sharing, lets you set call reminders so you’re never late for calls, lets you record notes against any call, and loads more.

So, now you’re in on Annie’s open secret! But, these aren’t the only tools to add to your work arsenal. There are also the usual suspects – Slack, Facebook for Work, Google Apps, Flock and more. So take your pick and get the app that suits you and your office chums best. Because with billions of apps floating around, if you’ve got work communication issues, there’s definitely an app for that too!

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