FlipBeats Is Changing The Way You Experience Music

Music lovers swear by their music apps. Most music apps give you access to the latest songs from your favourite artists which you can include in playlists or even download for a price onto your device. These apps will also feature cool views of the album art, music visualizers and playback controls. Not many however, will allow you to tweak the very track you are listening to so that it suits your taste or your listening device or even your environment. The FlipBeats music player available on Android has been designed specifically to help you play intimately with your music.

Sri Lanka-based hSenid Outsourcing, the company behind FlipBeats wanted to create an application that would change the way people would experience music. Sachi Wickramage, Head of hSenid Outsourcing reveals to NetworkedIndia that he and his team noticed that most people store their music on hard drives or on the cloud, however, collection of favourite songs are stored on easily accessible mobile devices. On reviewing the available music applications they discovered an untapped market for an exclusive music player. As he explains it,

We thought we can let people touch their music, visualize the music, engage with it and even socialize with it. Therefore, we identified this need and saw a gap in the market for an exclusive music player. To fulfill this gap we introduced FlipBeats after engaging in a range of audio experiments.”

FlipBeats boasts a host of features including integrating cloud based streaming music services which users can access for free, Easy Sort to find songs quickly, Gesture powered Customizable Flip UI and Social Media integration to allow users to share their music experience with friends online. Additionally, FlipBeats distinguishes itself with features like:

  • Multi Band Graphic Equalizer with 14 Equalizer presets & Custom presets
  • Bass Boost, Surround Sound & Room Size Configurations
  • PRO EQ Engine to come up with your own Advanced EQ settings
  • PRO Reverbs Engine to fine-tune sound to your exact needs
  • Audio Visualizer (VFX) and Colour Themes to customize the visual impact of your music
  • ID3 Tag Editor to edit the metadata of songs
  • Ergonomic Sound Health Profile to protect your ears from harmful volume levels

This music player is one of the first to also have an Apple Watch integration besides being available on android and iOS and in six different languages, increasing its global appeal. Users can track their music in-app with “Trending Music” streams and add songs they like to an “I Discovered” album. It also introduced a “Black Edition” of the app for Android with a smart energy saving mode which reduces power consumption by 75%. In its review of the app, LifeHacker described FlipBeats as,

A good-looking, gesture-powered music player for Android. It looks great, it’s fun to use, and the level of control you get over EQ options in the advanced settings and preset choices in the basic settings are fun to tweak and play with.”

Operating on a freemium model, FlipBeats is a free app with options for in-app purchases to use the full spectrum of features. Users can also experience the Pro version free for 20 days before deciding to purchase the app. It is focused on enhancing its value proposition to its customers by following a product differentiation strategy and integrating unique and more convenient features. This differentiates it from its competitors like Poweramp Music Player, n7player Music Player, DoubleTwist Music Player, Google play Music Player and global giants like Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal.

FlipBeats’ recording studio-like music listening experience won it the 2014 e-Swabhimani Award in the e-Entertainment and Games category. Jurors believed it will be a game changer in the way music is enjoyed using modern mobile devices. It has also won the mBillionth Awards South Asia 2015 in the same category.

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