Lycos Internet Puts Technology Patents For Sale

Lycos Internet (formerly Ybrant Digital) has hung out the shingle for a number of intellectual property (IP) patents it holds, across categories like search engine technology (SEO), online advertising and online multi-player gaming among others.

According to Medianama, Lycos Internet is being helped by Propeller(y) (an Intellectual Property consultant) to make its IP portfolio available to the industry for acquisition or licensing. Meanwhile, the company is also getting ready to launch a suite of good products soon.

Stayko Staykov of The Propeller(y) was quoted in the Business Standard saying, “We are excited to work with such an advanced portfolio.“Some of the assets have forwards citations in the hundreds and all describe technologies that are critically relevant for the online and mobile industries, while having applications in emerging fields such as Internet of Things. (IoT).”

A release stated why Lycos has decided to go with this strategy. Lycos, President, Brad Cohen said, “For us, it is of strategic importance to utilise all assets of the company in a manner consistent with current market trends, as well as our collaborative corporate culture.”

Lycos products are still in demand in areas like online advertising, ad keywords, SEO etc

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